Jobless future?

Machines and AI are getting the jobs… what about now?

I had a “traditional” education during my school years. I mean, I learned things like: bhaskara, how to name organic (chemic) components, exceptions of my “natural language (Portuguese)”, English (in a poor way, because of that my text are trick sometimes), planets names (in that time we had 9, because Pluto still was a planet).

It was interesting learned some that things, like history of the second war. But others are complete useless, like how to name organic chemic components.

But, even with that education I got achievements in my life. And because of that I always got “reticent” with the possibility to change/improve the basic education system.

But during the adult life, I get some bizarre situations, like: How to declare my income tax? How to move to another country? How to defend myself in justice cases?

We’ve learned so much thing at school, but even with that, school was not able to “build a citizen”. Basically, a regular adult citizen know how to handle with basic stuff in the society because of “pop knowledge”, and not because a formal education.

After I got a graduation and specialization I decided to get a Project Management MBA. And to be honest, I suffered enough in the school and college, so I decided to get a Distance Education Course. And yes: I had the same prejudice about that like everyone. – And surprise: The course was harder than my first specialization. My impression was that the college has so fear about someone cheat the course that it take the necessary foresight to avoid the problems.

And for my MBA, I just needed a computer, email and a login to the school portal. In my graduation, I had a lot of papers, pencil and pens.

Now we are watching some movements trying to “evolve” the education. We are watching labor claim that robots are tanking their jobs. And I had read a news about IA performing lawyer jobs. Things like that are becoming common nowadays.

But is it reasonable fight against it?

Let’s get the basic example, robots in factories: Without them we need someone to handle with heavy tools and materials… maybe a big piece of iron can hit somebody on the head. So robots, in that perspective, are saving lives.

And really, do you really want to keep doing your boring and repetitive work for entire life?

When I say “jobless future” I mean something like: lets work in a smarter way, and less time, to enjoy better our life, with friends and family.

And yes, I think the education methodologies need to take the next step, it needs to change… change to avoid graduate outdated citizens.

The jobs and positions will increase, but not for you or any other human. Secretaries, Lawyers, Drivers and so on… The AI, deep learning algorithms, big data will take it.

Even a Roomba is cheaper than a maid.

And when you combine AI, deep learning and big data with laws you can get something performing a lawyer work… imagine combine all of it with the huge GitHub code database!?


With more than 15 years of experience developing softwares and technologies, talking about startups, trends and innovation, today my work is focused to be CTO, Software Architect, Technical Speaker, Technical Consultant and Entrepreneur.

From Brazil, currently lives in Portugal working at as Software Architect, besides to keep projects in Brazil, like


508 thoughts on “Jobless future?”

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