CTO: Beyond the tech skills

“Be good/specialist in one thing is not good enough” they usually say. But is that right?

OK, sometimes in life we had the opportinity to know amazing people. They have a lot of good and deep skills.

And when we are talking about technologies there are brilliant minds that seems be limitless about the knowledgement about tools, techniques, languages, frameworks and so on.

Usually I heard some that guys saying they are trying to find the fastest path to the high hierarchy, like be a Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Immediately I ask: but what about the soft skills? Do you have them?

Nowadays, because of the success of a little startups, young people just think it just necessary know how to develop a mobile app to became a CTO (even a CEO), because, if a good idea go further, that person can proclame itself a CTO (or ask the position to some successful friend).

But have you made a little pause and started to read some CTO resumes?

It is challenging handle with that wide technology vision: Quality Assurance, DevOps tools, Software Development, SOA, Agile Methodologies, Infrastructure, Databases, Security, BI and on and on…

Scary!? Asking yourself how to accomplish that? I say: experience!

OK, there are cases of “premature success”, but even with that remember: Investor will pressure you! Steve Jobs faced it.

Another point is: Technology is made by people to people! And where we have people, we have conflicts and “soft questions” to handle.

IT is a kind of ungrateful area. You can know how to use the tools, but you will need to learn other things to produce with them, eg: You will make a software for stock point market? You will need to learn about how stock point market works.

And, beyond that, IT has the responsibility to walk together with innovation. Common people study part of their life and work 8 hour by day. It pro will need more hours to study and work, because they will learn new things because technology never stops to evolve.

Are you thinking that is more effort than necessary? So remember, the baker wake up really earlier to prepare your breakfast, but is he a millionaire (except the Carlos Bakery, Cake Boss)? Effort, quantity and amount are not the case, but it is necessary to work and improve in a smart way

Not enough!? So, be prepared to improve communication, behavior and keep calm during a pressure situation, because that soft skills will be needed when you have to handle with a lot of teams and answer to the board of your company when you become the new CTO!


With more than 15 years of experience developing softwares and technologies, talking about startups, trends and innovation, today my work is focused to be CTO, Software Architect, Technical Speaker, Technical Consultant and Entrepreneur.

From Brazil, currently lives in Portugal working at https://www.farfetch.com as Software Architect, besides to keep projects in Brazil, like http://www.almocando.com.br/


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