Nova Era

hello world

Geeks, coders or even CTO aspirants: Welcome on board.

This is my “new project” for you: articles related to software development, technologies, trends… eachone powered by coffee… a lot of coffee.

I had blogs and projects like that before, but now I’m expanding to new horizons, “talking” about technologies… expressing content from IoT guys to DevOps or even Mobile Devs. I hope you can find here the content to help you to achieve your goals with technology, even that means to become a senior developer or a CTO of your company.

And to help me to, this will have others tech champions guys writing  awesome contents that I invited.

I hope you enjoy it. Rock!


With more than 15 years of experience developing softwares and technologies, talking about startups, trends and innovation, today my work is focused to be CTO, Software Architect, Technical Speaker, Technical Consultant and Entrepreneur.

From Brazil, currently lives in Portugal working at as Software Architect, besides to keep projects in Brazil, like


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